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Sarah Jane Ceylon

Measurements Limits
Weight: 95lbs Penetration: Anal and vaginal penetration by toys
Height: Female contact: Full girl/girl contact with strap on sex is okay
Hair color: Blonde Male contact:
Hair length: Shoulder Bondage: I can be tied up in suspension bondage.
Pain: I am a pain slut. I will have a safeword.

Miss Audrey's Slaves Model: Audrey Leigh, Sarah Jane Ceylon, Chad Rock

fetish BDSM bondage

Miss Audrey keeps 2 slaves for her enjoyment, a male and a female. Sometimes, when one is good they are rewarded by receiving sexual favors from the other. Audrey keeps chad's cock in a metal "u-turn" chastity device when she is away to ensure he does not get hard without her but today Audrey wants to tease his chastised cock by having blondie run her tongue over it while she flogs his chest. Later, with balls tied separately Audrey hits chad mercilessly with the riding crop while pleasuring herself to orgasm. Blondie obediently sucks chad's cock as he is struck and gets him rock hard. She is rewarded by being permitted to cum. Lastly, chad is tied with his legs spread wide and his cock and balls bound tighter than ever before. he is displayed perfectly for a hard anal fucking, the kind Audrey gives better than anyone else!

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Sarah's Doctor Visit Model: Sarah Jane Ceylon

fetish BDSM bondage

The beautiful Sarah Jane Ceylon goes for her annual check up and is unable to fill in her paperwork properly. She does not know how many people she has fucked, or what her sexual preference is. Dr. Rose decides such a dirty little slut needs more than an exam, but rather a lesson in self respect. Sarah is cable tied down to the table for the speculum, cattle prod, violet wand and some tit flogging. Her screams cannot be heard as her dirty whore panties are stuffed deep in her throat. The lesson continues with forced orgasms, dildo gag fucking, suspension bondage and harsh cat-o-nine tailing on the pussy. This is lesbian domination at it's very best.

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The Domination of Sarah Jane Model: Sarah Jane Ceylon, Chris Cannon

fetish BDSM bondage

Sex + Bondage + Sarah Jane Ceylon = HOT! We place our gorgeous blond bondage slut in the tightest rope and get her the hardest cock to feast on...but not before she's earned it! Tit lashing, nipple clamps, hot wax, lots of ball gags to keep her mouth full when it's not filled with cock and orgasm after orgasm keep both sexy submissive Sarah Jane and skilled dominant Chris Cannon satisfied in this fantastic update!

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Date Comments Name
04/24/2011 Sarah, you're amazing gorgeous. I admire you. Aleks
12/04/2010 Darling Sarah! A new record this week,,I wanked 23 times over your video!!. You were amazing..Blew me away ..and.. My wife caught me on the last wank of the week!! Just could not kill the pic in time..What a put down she said to me.. Businessman
02/07/2010 sarah love all of your vids your amazing keep up the gd work babe xxxx soldierboy
10/24/2009 damn i wish we got together back in the days of no hope.. always thought u were hot but ... damn...SOO HOT! hope all is well. ur fuckin awesome and more beautiful then ever a memory. ur pics and vids are a solid contribution to my sex drive, both me and my gf love u. mr friend
08/11/2009 I love it! You're so, so, so hot! Charlotte
08/11/2009 I never tire of watching you because everything about you is so extraordinarily attractive. Hope to see more of you soon. Oliver
08/08/2009 Sarah, I know you are a natual blond but are your forearms hairy? I love that in a woman as sexy as you are. Rick
06/15/2009 Ich bin ein fan von Sarah,sie hat einen für mich reizenden Körper,wann gibt es wieder etwas neues!? Peter
05/08/2009 where is sarah we want her back !!!! she is the best of the best !! love you baby and how can we connect to her ??facebook ?anything plz Jhon
03/03/2009 charmante,trop belle thierry
02/20/2009 Sarah! Id love to fuck you all day and night! u r one of my top fucking sluts i would want to fuck so hard!!!!! Man, i just cant stop looking at ur photos cuz theyre so sexy. I wish i can do so much pain to u fukin sexy body. So, i am willing to fuck u all night and day long and do pain on u!!! :)) Ur so erotic Sara Fucker
12/07/2008 Hi Sarah, i`ve seen some of theese nice vides of yours, oh my good sexy, erotic, may be i`ll can be aktor in one of theese nxt movies? I´m from germany and like thoose films with girl a looking so pretty as youare.earldschayättgmxdottde earl
08/14/2008 I like the tattoo on your outer thigh... :( it's how I recognize you in thumbnails! lol :)
07/26/2008 shall i fuck you. sarah a pain slut i would like to give you my cock please come and suck my cock i'll feed you.pls give me your pussy i would like to suck your pussy too. i'll give you all the punishments & pain to you. i thought your are the special slave specially meant for pain. i'll whip you untill you will bleed and you can give me the punishment whatever you want. I'm ready to serve you as your SLAVE. OH BONDAGE GIRL SARAH! PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE................. SARAH\'S FAN
05/29/2008 Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't lose the tats they're hotttttttttt! slaveboy
05/22/2008 sarah i know u like pain.i'll give u sexy pain.i would like 2 fuck u.pls suck my cock & give me chance 2 suck ur pussy.i would like 2 leave my sperms on ur sweet mouth & i'll give u mouthfull(my ass). sarah i would like 2 be dominated by u. pls dominate me............................................ slaveboy
05/16/2008 I dig Sarah fer sure. But this satosan
05/16/2008 I dig Sarah fer sure. But this satosan
04/12/2008 i love you xxxxx
01/27/2008 You are awesome, and not just in bondage-related stuff. I read your biography on your website. You seriously rock. I really liked your tattoos and think it's too bad that you're getting rid of them. Oh well. You'll still be kickass afterwards. Keep on rocking, ascending queen of bondage! Peter Peter, Tiger Eater
01/02/2008 I love to watch you hang Sarah. How much pain can you endure? It would be fun to watch! Mark
11/03/2007 i cant stop looking at porn i wan tto quit masterbating so but this shit is better than the sex im gettin ghelp me masterbater69
09/18/2007 adoro estes videos como faco para compra-los, nao falo ingles alan
09/10/2007 I find gatorade blue to be the most refreshing of the rades hey sus
09/09/2007 gleaming out off hell like an unextinctable star -rock on sid
06/30/2007 you are one of the best bdsm models i've ever seen. I like you so much the marquise
05/18/2007 LOL...xenor...it's rather obvious that you NOTHING of Me. D and D is a silly game....this man dose not play any games, and neither dose Sarah. She's a true pain slut, a Diva of Darkness. I could teach the bitch to dance, and dance with prestige class agony! ...Oh Sarah....talk to Me...Master_IX_XVII@yahoo.com....and dance woman! Master of Hysteria
03/10/2007 Damn woman, your killin' Me! One hell of a slow death. Dance with Me you sweet Diva of Darkness! DANCE! Master of Hysteria
03/07/2007 Master of Hysteria, you are a chump. Please post meaningful comments. Dungeons and Dragons is not real, and you are not a wizard.Sarah, you are hot, and even better, genuine. Keep up the great work. xenor
03/01/2007 To the Diva of Darkness, I am I, and I am a teacher of Darkness and I can give you gifts where no one goes! I can teach you, if you will allow Me to open the key. Very few have been allowed a key like this. My Master and My Priestess have blessed Me, They have opened the library where this education is required to take the path only of trueness of Darkness. If You are a true Diva of Darkness, take a walk with Me and You will learn a great deal. I can teach You to dance. This kind of dance is not a war dance nor a dance of love. I can teach You of the Dance of Abomination. The library is truely closed except Those who are willing to walk a path of Daath. The Akoshic Records have been closed unless the key has been handed by My Piestess and She will only open the key for You and My Master will take a path through Hell with You. In this path, do not fall to the left, do not fall to Master of Hysteria
02/19/2007 I am I, a center of pure self-consciousness, will and of self-directed choosing! My choice is to love, live and seek a prestige class Diva of Darkness. I now have found one! Right here. I am sure that you can understand My nine key words; 1) dignity 2) discretion 3) faith 4) grace 5) leadership 6) loyal 7) prudence 8) reason 9) stability...these key words can fit with BDSM! Dear Sarah, you are a true Diva. I hope you are well. Now play nice, share all of the toys and if you won't be good...just bad...I'm sure you will at least be damned good at it! Master of Hysteria
02/16/2007 This will be the new Bondage Queen!!! spenk
02/06/2007 sarah, you are the hottest damn thing i have ever seen. every detail of you is compelling. hesitant adventurous
02/02/2007 i had a great time doing this shoot with chanta! best ass fucking i've had in ages! thanks chanta, love you! xoxo sarah

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