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Sasha Grey

Measurements Limits
Weight: Penetration: Anal and vaginal penetration by toys
Height: Female contact: Full girl/girl contact with strap on sex is okay
Hair color: Brown Male contact: Full intercourse and anal sex is ok
Hair length: Medium Bondage: I can be tied up in basic positions.
Pain: Moderate. I understand I have a safeword.

Dirty Slut's Trial Model: Sasha Grey

fetish BDSM bondage

Sasha Grey needs no introduction. This gorgeous 19 year old has shot to porno fame faster than any other girl in the industry today. Her sex scenes include the roughest, dirtiest sex available but does that mean she can handle real BDSM? The answer is YES! Sasha is tied tight and shown no mercy. Her pussy is whipped continuously, and when it's not it is shocked with the cattle prod. Orgasms are ripped from her body even when she tries to hold them in. Her face is slapped, her tits are clamped and Chanta's big ass smothers her. Sasha is suspended and strapon fucked hard. Afterwards she proves she can deep throat. Never has she experienced lesbian domination like this at the hands of a cruel but compassionate Mistress.

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Date Comments Name
03/28/2012 ooo sahsa please be my gf. i want ur ass ur pussy and ur mouth ricky
01/18/2012 you are sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful~~~~~~~ emi
10/02/2011 tight and fit. i would badger
08/30/2011 Most beautiful and sexy pornstar!!!!!!!!!!!!! Johnnie
05/20/2011 Sasha, Great shoot with Chanta. Let's shave the next time you offer your pussy to be whipped, shocked, prodded and fucked---you'll enjoy it even more! Big Al
05/04/2011 man u r my everything cody
07/02/2010 You are just fascinating. How I wish I could contact you in person. You're brave and just wonderful. rozbain
05/15/2010 fuck me memek
05/04/2010 Really inspiring to me as a woman, but it also gives me confidence as it shows me my own skills aren't bad at all. Thank you :) Maria
04/09/2010 Sasha you are great, every man on earth would like to fuck your ass & pussy. Love you Richard
04/01/2010 you answered that you should be fucked sounded so totally sweet. With those beuatiful pleading eyes and the kitten purring way of moaning and sighing when you are cumming or being whipped no one takes it quite as well as you. No one suffers so sweetly. With joooan
03/28/2010 You're really hot, you deserve a hell of alot better fuckin than what happened here. Bighairykiwis
03/17/2010 You have come a long way since the movie james
01/23/2010 Sacha,my first memorable dream involved ******* my girlfriend-neighbor, we were both 9 years old at the time, and taking her off to a scavenged brick hideout...but then I didn't know what to do with her. I think I know what I'd like to do with you. Jocko Jocko
01/15/2010 haha wow, these people are weird...i mean i love bondage as much as ne 1 else but dont beat off to it, i do it with my gf...those guys up there sound like stalkers r something jeeze. m
01/03/2010 This may be weird, but I admire Sasha and I'm inspired by her. Mia
12/18/2009 la mejor star del cosmoporn !!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations monoV
12/02/2009 You are amazing John
09/12/2009 So sexy in every sence of the word. You my dear are a great proformer and i would kill to be in the same room as you. If I had the chance to have sex with you I strongly beleive i would have a heart attack from just the idea. jeff
08/22/2009 U r amazingly sexy .... Raylon
07/26/2009 I am in awe everytime I see you get fucked or do the fucking. I wish so much you would do a scene with a common guy. If you ever do I would so be willing to pay or allow you to do whatever you wanted to do to me, even allowing you to fuck me with a strapon on as a captive male Ted
07/12/2009 please do some captive male sinner
07/10/2009 Please do anal scene with Brandon Iron, he says he is willing if you are. I would die and go to heaven if you did a double anal or double vaginal scene. I know you are up to it! whumpy
06/28/2009 You are very beautiful and I love you. Trova
05/31/2009 I am 55 years old and an old time perv. That said, you have pORNOMAN4EVER
05/25/2009 go superslut! jimmie
05/23/2009 simply beautiful and cool.. Max
05/12/2009 Only 1 problem im not there with you chuck 1
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02/27/2009 What a great face... I'm just speechles Thanks Sasha... you gave me something to dream of ;-) Francisco
01/16/2009 Sasha...i'd pay 10k for an hour or 25k for dinner and party. Seattle Yacht Guy Sean
01/02/2009 Love your stuff. Can't help but stroke my cock looking at you, wishing it was my turn to fuck you. hornydoc
12/17/2008 your so fine u make me hard just lookin at u darren
12/11/2008 The perfect woman Robodu_DWIFT
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10/21/2008 you are very beautiful I like to fuck your ass and you beg for more fuck .... Jim
10/19/2008 I love you kenlovesbarbie
10/18/2008 Overated phony. bruce
10/14/2008 i love what you're doing sasha and i love what brandon does to him... i wish i could be in your place! You are so beautiful and a taleted actress! You and brandon are fantastic!!! Tiffi
10/10/2008 hi sasha! i love to watch you gettin fucked in the ass and in the throat. i wish brandon would have left you bound on that horse. then me and my buddies would come over and fuck your ass till the end of time. ps: i would like to slap your ass and face, too. eva bischoff
09/04/2008 she is very georgeous chick Toil
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08/12/2008 Hi Sasha. You are fucking hot. I wanna cum all over your face and have sex with for at least 3 nights Sunny Guy
08/11/2008 Sasha your ass is beautiful and i like ur ass ching
07/29/2008 Sasha, you're a very model. I love the natural look and I love to see that nice, sexy bush! You are great in bondage and i hope to see you in a lot more bondage in the future. Chris
07/18/2008 Bewst vid I've seen in years to be exact you and Brandon should do alot more very superb work. Brandon very much in control As a fellow Dom I admire what youboth do. Salud !!! Hegemony
07/10/2008 sasha, you fucking rock. mai
06/30/2008 she is awesome i wanna do sex with her foe 5 complete days xxx
05/25/2008 Best ever.. I don't normally comment on these things but you turned me on so much just by looking at you that I couldn't not show my appreciation by letting you know. Wonderful. light487
05/20/2008 Sasha you are the best!!!! I love all your look forword to more piss drinking videos love ya Jimmy
04/05/2008 ooh Sasha you are just so hot....you make me want to go into porn just to work with you. Graham
04/04/2008 Hottest body I have ever seen, I would fuck you till you passed out Don
03/18/2008 sasha ur soo hot, i just wanna come fuck u soo hard in your pussy till u tap out, and make u deep throat that big cock. and finally cum all over you and make u all wet... xxx
02/27/2008 she is the best sex model i have ever seen shak
01/30/2008 You should film more videos... !!! You are the best model i have never seen :P undefined
01/26/2008 Sasha, you totally rock my world and haunt my dreams. That pic of you getting fucked over the sawhorse is the hottest pic i have EVER seen! Guess i'm joining a very long queue of admirers here... Sgian Dubh
01/24/2008 You are very, very sexy. If one day i see you, i'll fuck you all. xxx
01/15/2008 You're so hot! azm
12/19/2007 Sasha your little patch of pubic hair is soooo cute. Other wise I am just speechless (your just stunning). M J
12/16/2007 Just seeing the free clips of your scene with Brandon was most amazingly erotic. I have wandered the net for the past ten years for such scenes and this one is the closest to my ultimate fantasy as any. You are absolutely stunningly gorgeous and do not ever forget that. You will make many persons so happy with their lives just to have a single encounter with you and your willing soul, but the person(s) who are lucky to have long term relationships with you will be eternally blessed. j
10/02/2007 I\'m a mostly straight female and I thought it was great! You get me off every time. Sarah
09/19/2007 Hey Sasha, thoght of some additional comments. The first time I seen you was in a scene that had you running through a building in a white top, sneakers and the cutest short plaid skirt, you looked so hot in that gift wrapping I almost didn't want to see you out of it. Watching you get vibed with your hands tied over your head was hot and when you answered that you should be fucked sounded so totally sweet. With those beuatiful pleading eyes and the kitten purring way of moaning and sighing when you are cumming or being whipped no one takes it quite as well as you. No one suffers so sweetly. With love and admiration Rex. rexroad
09/16/2007 Sasha, if I were God all women would have bodies built just like yours. I enjoyed the flick with Brandon. Myself though, prior to the saw horse I would have tied you down on your back to alternatly whip and lick you to the best orgasm you ever had. Once I had bent you over that horse I wouild have alternatly whipped that ass, knibbled those tender young buns and licked that sweet butt hole while vibing your clit. I would have inserted just a small butt plug. Finally I would have begun making sweet gentle love to your pussy untill that degraded to bare ass fucking. Well hope I made my point. hope to see some submissive lezzy action out of you> Lov REX. rexroad
09/03/2007 You're awesome.Best model I have seen yet. Taylor

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