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What are the Shooting Rules?

These rules are non-negotiable. All producers, directors, riggers and crew on Twisted Factory shoots are expected to be familiar with the shooting rules and to abide by them at all times.

Producers may not produce content that involves any of the following:

  • A model (or spectator) that has no ID proving they are over 18.
  • Bestiality.
  • Scat or enemas.
  • Urination or water-sports of any kind.
  • Needle play or any type of blood play.
  • Impact play that results in bleeding (spanking, whipping, caning, etc).
  • Snuff fantasy role-play. Simulating death or injury.
  • Breath play using plastic bags or cling film.
  • Ever using a closed fist or a shoed foot (punching and/or kicking)
  • Simulated rape or abduction fantasies.
  • Verbal reference to religion.
  • Bondage that causes a visible loss of circulation.

Producers *may” produce the following content if permission is given by the CEO and all criteria listed below are met:

  • Fisting (vaginal or anal). Only to be performed with female models that clearly have a love of fisting and are willing to express this in on-camera interviews before and after the scene. Fisting is not permitted to be shot as a painful activity or to be administered in such a way. Any vaginal or anal tearing or bleeding will render a fisting scene not usable.
  • Crying may be shown when it has been made clear that a model likes to cry. We understand that in an S&M scene sometimes crying is a great release but this must also be clear to the viewer. Crying will only be permitted when a model willingly volunteers that she likes to cry in an interview prior to the start of the scene. The model must also explain in the post-shoot interview how crying felt throughout the scene without any encouragement from the Top (i.e.: the Top should ask “how did you feel when you were crying?” as opposed to “you liked crying didn’t you?”).
  • A2M (Ass to Mouth) may only be performed with performers that enjoy the act. In addition, any toys, fingers or inserted objects used for ass to mouth must go from the ass of the performer to the mouth of the same performer. This is to eliminate the risk of one performer spreading an intestinal infection to another. In the post-shoot interview any performers that engaged in A2M must speak about the activity and how they felt about it.

 Producers are expected to include the following in all shoots:

  • Interviews: Post-shoot interviews are compulsory. Any scene shot without an interview will be deemed not usable. The interview should give the “bottom” the chance to talk about the scene they have just participated in without pressure from the producer. The model should say what they did and did not like, if they would do another shoot for the site, how they found the bondage, what was their favorite part and what they may like to try next time. Pre-shoot interviews are also encouraged but are not required except with a models first BDSM or adult shoot. If a model has never done any BDSM, BDSM themed or adult style shoots then a pre and post interview is required to show that this model willingly entered into the scene and how he/she found the experience afterwards.
  • Limits: Limits must be discussed before every scene. If a model is unfamiliar with an activity either try it before the scene to find out if it is a limit or communicate throughout the scene to determine if it has become one (e.g. If a model has never been caned but is willing to try that is fine, but once the cane is applied in the scene the producer should check if it is okay with the model to continue with that activity). Models limits must never be referred to throughout the scene as a weakness or used for taunting the model. Limits must be respected at all times and are not be pushed in any way.
  • Safewords: All models must be given a safeword (before the shoot begins). Models new to BDSM must have the use of the “safeword” explained to them. It must be made very clear that using the safeword is in no way failing on the models part. If a model is gagged or unable to speak a “safe-sound” must be given. This is usually “uh-uh”. The model must be asked to do this prior to the start of the shoot so that all crew on set are familiar with the sound and knows what it means. A “safe-signal” (a hand gesture, shaking of head etc) may also be used but is not encouraged as these gestures are easy to miss. If a model uses the safeword the scene must be immediately and the model attended to.
  • Bondage Safety: The rigger should estimate how long it will take to remove a model from bondage in case of emergency or use of the safeword. This must be communicated to the model, especially for any standing or full suspension positions. If it would take 3 minutes to remove rope the model should have it explained to let the rigger know when they are only able to remain tied for 3 minutes, etc. For steel bondage there must be 2 sets of keys for any equipment used. One set is to be carried by the Top/rigger and the other by a member of the crew. For rope bondage a pair of EMT shears must always be on hand (with a member of the crew), and if necessary the rigger should cut the rope model is bound in without hesitation.
  • Numbness: A model should be removed from bondage immediately if he/she complains about numbness, shooting pains or loss of use of a body part (e.g. hands, toes, etc). It is also the riggers responsibility to check on a models circulation, a model in subspace may not communicate effectively and the rigger should be aware of any discoloration of limbs, etc.
  • Marking: Any type of redness, bruising, welts, etc that will last more than 48 hours are not permitted. Each model is different due to skin tone, tolerance, etc so it is up to the Top/rigger/producer to gage a models response to impact play and modify the scene accordingly. If a model’s skin becomes red very quickly the Top should consider a different activity that does not mark (such as electricity or foot worship). The only exception to this is if the model clearly states that ht/she likes marks and is okay with having them. Under no circumstances is marking ever to be taken to the level of breaking skin or blood play.
  • Electricity: Electricity should not be used above the waist except as follows: nipple clamps, sticky pads, etc where the nipple completes the circuit. Sticky or EMS pads used on the arms where one single arm completes the circuit. Electricity is not to be passed over the chest under any circumstances.

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