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captivemale November 11, 2017

DragonLily Delivers Strict Discipline to Failing Student

TJ West,DragonLily

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TJ West is failing. He has been wasting time in class reading comics and is need of strict discipline to get back on track! DragonLily places a hood over his head and spanks his ass, warning him later on he will be bent over her desk like a little bitch to be fucked in the ass! Flogging, nipple clamps and foot worship begin tj’s training. Later, tied in a standing position his cock is slapped and paddled. tj’s cock is a painslut and instantly gets hard. DL milks him and then viciously slaps his sensitive shaft. Weights are hung from his balls and her stiletto heel is pushed into his dick. In the end, DragonLily keeps her promise. tj is sodomized and then given some cock-sucking training when he does not thank DL fast enough for this experience!


Asian, Athletic, big dick, brunet, Brunette, Curvy, Discipline, Flogging, Foot Worship, Hood, Male Sub, natural boobs, Nipple Clamps, Partner Studio, shaved, Straight, Weights, white




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