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sadisticrope December 3, 2014

Totally Immobilized and Helpless

Lyla Storm,The Pope

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Lyla is a bendy little bitch that can take the pain. she is put in grueling positions that push her body harder than ever before. Her arms are lifted behind her into a brutal strappado and her waist tied to hold her in a squatting stress position. Her hair is bound and a crotch rope is added to make her completely helpless to the punishment her body has to endure.

Now that she’s been stretched in every direction, she is folded in half and her own body is used against her to hold her in place. Her holes are fully exposed and exploited with pain. Her asshole falls under attack of agonizing pain and cruel punishment. Her feet are destroyed along with every part that can be reached in her folded state.

Again, Lyla is stretched to her breaking point, but this time it’s in the form of suspension bondage. It’s not an easy task, but she is 100% immobilized in the air. Every part of her body is tied and she hangs helplessly as her pussy is fucked, and her body abused.

Lyla is finished with a decorative tie with 550 para cord. Metal rings are placed on her body to enhance the bondage. She is pulled into a hogtie and tormented on the floor until she can’t take any more.


Ball Gag, BDSM, Bondage, brunet, Brunette, Corporal Punishment, Crotch Rope, Domination, Feet, Fingering, Gag, Handler, Humiliation, Latinx, natural boobs, Pain, Rope Bondage, shaved, slim, Straight, Submission, Suspension, switch, Vaginal Penetration


The Pope




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