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sadisticrope January 21, 2015

Tiny Slut, Big Pain!!

Bailey Paige,The Pope

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Bailey tells me she wants it as extreme as possible. She wants to truly wants to test her ability to suffer. We begin with a standing spread eagle, then add pegs in just the right places to ensure her suffering is at the right level. The scene ends with hr proving how much she really wants this, by inflicting pain on herself.

Next we put her on her back and terrorize the front of her body. She screams and struggles, but she’s helpless and it’s starting to effect her. I’m not ready to break her yet, so her pussy is fucked raw and then I let her catch her breath before the next scene starts.

The scene begins and I put her cute little ass in the air, so that I can beat the hell out of her. She starts to purr because this is what she came for. This is what she has been waiting on all day, and I refuse to pass on an opportunity to dish out this much pain.


Ball Gag, BDSM, black hair, Bondage, brunet, Corporal Punishment, Domination, Fingering, Gag, Handler, Humiliation, natural boobs, Pain, Rope Bondage, shaped, slim, Straight, Submission, switch, Tattoo, The Pope, Vaginal Penetration, white


The Pope




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